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July 19, 2022
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In 2019, the adjustable market of gambling of croatia brought 4.1 billion croatian kun ($ 636.8 million). Amount of 114.6% more than 2010 indicator. Then the providers earned only 1.9 billion ($ 285.1 million).

Croatian casino market for 10 years surveyed - FINA report

According to the financial agency croatia (fina), with this level of annual income, the costs of croatian casino and bookmakers at the same time amounted to 3.2 billion kun.

Net profit of gambling providers in a record for revenue has grown to 727.4 million. Kun, losses — 71 million.

Fina reported that the preceding 10 years casino and bc constantly worked at a loss. 2019 became the first year when operators got the highest net profit. The indicator is ten times the larger of the one that was recorded in 2010 — 21.6 million kun.

The highest revenue in 2019 included bc with a toter super sport, which was reported to clean 847.4 million kun, hrvatska lutrija national lottery — 636.8 million kun and operator online casino hattrick-psk — 156.62 million kun.

Also, the financial agency reported that at the start of the market work in 2010, 92 companies employed in the organization of gambling worked in the country. Now they are 70. With a relatively large number of operators, there are only 6,749 employees on them. On average, each of them is officially receiving 5,872 kun ($ 912).

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