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April 29, 2022
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Updated new record minima cryptocurrency icon. The last figure was achieved in may 2019. Previously, the coin stated the support line at the level of 1,700 satoshi, however, the decept as a catalyst for the fall.

Cryptocurrency icon: About New Record Minima
Content: 1. Cryptocurrency icon: fresh minima2. Cryptocurrency icon: downstream wedge3. Outcome

Experts note that at the moment the formation of a long-term bullish pattern can occur. The line of his support can restrain the reduction and contribute to the fact that the cryptocurrency of the icon fills the bottom.

According to the cryptocurrency trader @cryptomichnl, the graphs stated the appearance of bearish absorption candles. The symbol is measured near the level of breakthrough. According to the expert, if the re-testing is unsuccessful, icon has a bearish perspective.

Cryptocurrency icon: fresh minima

In may 2019 cryptocurrency, icon struck the support level of 5.5 thouusand. Satosha and then marked at record minima. Indition, the coin volatility decreased and was recorded at the level of 1.3-2.5 thouusand. Satosha. Indicators are reelvant from august.

It is worth noting that the resurrection signals also submit weekly rsis, which, however, are not accompanied by the presence of bovine divergence signals. The latter, in turn, could be a precursor reversal.

If you leave behind brackets, the lower fittils, then out a bear breakthrough with a downward triangle and support level of 17 thousand. Satosha.

Cryptocurrency icon: Fresh Minima

It shold be noted that the flowing lower wick caused the formation of a new historical minimum. According to experts, such quotes, as a rule, catalyze the rate of reduction.

Cryptocurrency icon: downstream wedge

Icon cryptocurrency from august 9 is traded in the framework of the figure of a downstream wedge, which is considered a bullish pattern in relation to the ascending breakthrough.

The line of resistance has already been confirmed not once. If there are long lower wicks, the tilt of the support line can be changed.


Taking into account the foregoing until the cryptocurrency of the icon does not form a specific and clear figure, it is not recommended to open new positions.

Recall that cryptocurrency bat experts prophesy to turn, which will be in a short time.

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