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February 3, 2022
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Representatives of the special department of social work schools schools at ratger university (new brunswick) conducted an analysis, the results of which showed that people having problems with gambling should not be engaged in cryptotrading.

Cryptotrading IS Dangerous for Ludomanov - Research

The study was based on a survey data, which was attended by 876 adult citizens who were playing gambling at least onca a month. The results of the analysis showed that more than half of them were also fond of cryptotoding.

Curator devin mills commented on situation. He explained that many people consider cryptotrading not as an investment, but as an opportunity to become the owner of a kind of winning. According to the expert, the trade in cryptocurrent on the stock exchange as a kind of rates. Mills believees that the consequences of such trading can be extremely negative.

Moreover, he is confident that cryptotrading may have much more serious consequences for ludarans for the cryptocurrency industry is currently regulated in all countries. Theraefore, traders have access to trading areas around the clock.

Cryptocurrency dependence is treated?

Scientists found out that the problem of dependence on cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly serious. Relevant crypto-dependent assistance centers. One of them is the castle craig scottish center. Employees of the institution shared the history of the patient who learned about cryptocurrencies in 2015, being a gambling-dependent person. He switched to trading and until 2017 had success in trading in digital assets, as the market was on the rise. However, after the rapid collapse of bitcoin, he found himself in a rehabilitation center.

To date, experts have identified several signs of having luda. Read more about it – here.

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