Cryptovaya: Help In Eliminating The Effects Of Natural Disasters

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April 22, 2022
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The initiator of the innovation was the organization of the red cross, whose team announced that it would soon be used cryptocurrency as part of their work. Information reports forbes.

Cryptovaya: Help in Eliminating The Effects of Natural Disasters

In the red cross, it is believed that the use of e-currency will optimize the work in the regions in which the banking system is not developed enough.

It is planned that cryptocal transactions will be implemented to finance operations in the regions that have been subjected to natural disasters. This will speed ​​up the process of means of transferring «to places». Indition, so victims who do not use bank services will be able to receive financial support. Special attention when attracting a new tool, according to experts, will be paid to the countries of the thrd world.

Meanwhile, in the red cross did not specify which digital currency is about.

Interesting data became known during the speech in the us leisure body ceo facebook brand zuckerberg. According to the latter, about 1.7 billion inhabitants of the globe are not customers of banking structures. Social network its engaged in the development of its own cryptocurrency project – libra. It is in the context of this, mentioned zuckerberg, residents whe are not available to clastical financial structures can become a target audience for distributing asset.

How will system work?

How Will The System Work?

How will the plan be implemented – cryptovaya: help in the fight against natural disasters? To make the task, the parties will need a mobile communication. Thus, the bridge between the needy and representatives of the red cross will be created. The combinationation of cryptocurrency resource and mobile communications, according to representatives of the organization, will be more effective than traditional banking interactionion.

It shold be noted that cryptocurrency: assistance involves fixing all transactions using blockchas. The latter will make the work of the organization transparent.

In the humanitarian care sector, the guys from the dash startup took advantage of the first assets. Thus, a system was created, ensuring the collection of donations, subsequently transferred to schoolchildren from venezuela. The team managed to ensure the operation of the system «cryptocurrent – help» with the help of alone phones with buttons.

Recall that according to the survey, americans are not interested in buying cryptocurrency libra.

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