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March 25, 2022
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The cyberpunk 2077 developer company declares that it will not attract third-party studios to work on localizations, and independently embody the idea. Information about this was published on the presentation of the prc.

CYBERPUNK 2077: Localization Details

It also became known that cyberpunk 2077 will be translated into 10 languages, including not only european, but also asian – japanese and chinese as well as russian. For each individual localization, you will need a team of 500 actors who will need to voiced by 70 thousand. Lines presented in the game as character dialogs.

The game will not be translated into ukrainian, this was reported by the developer earlier.

Relocation of a role militant, genre related to rpg, scheduled for april 16 2020.

Other details of the game became known from polish printed media. So, the developers told reporters about the mode «a new game+».

According to the latest data, the wasteland, surrounding knight city, should not attend without a weapon or alone. Nomads inhabiting the outskirts, distribution, war and conflicts. With some of them – aldecados – you can agree, but wraights will show aggression towards the player.

System of skills correlated with the style of players. Using one type of weapons, the user begins to own them more skillfully. In order to take complex quests, the player must be well known on the streets.

According to the developer, the player may have problems with theft of cars. So, they may be interested in guaragering order or gang representatives.

Lut can contain objects from collections, and its location will indicate npc hints.

Relationship system in the game deep: the user can not only start friendship with many characters, but also become more than friends. Such relationships may arise with several characters at the same time.

Recall that a mini presentation of the game for polish journalists, on which the details of cyberpunk 2077 became known.

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