Cyberpunk 2077: Multiplayer Will Contain High-Quality Microtransactions

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April 21, 2022
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Information that cd projekt red will work on a multiplayer to cyberpunk 2077, arrived in september. However, some details were clear only now. About this and what attitude to the game has an ilon mask, read in the material.

CYBERPUNK 2077: Multiplayer Will Contain High-Quality Microtransactions

Studio initially stated that the multiplayer will be released later than the game itself. For a long time, users did not receive any additional information on this topic. However, providing a financial report, representatives of the company stated that the are planning to moneytize online in the game.

Adam kichinsky, the head of the developer studio, adds that there is no time to talk about specific. Nevertheless, experts are convinced that the cd projekt red will not spoil the relationship will not spoile, therefore it is expected that the monetization will assum of a multiplayer will assume the purchase of quality items at a reasonable price.

Since the multiplayer company is developing for the first time by a multitude of experiments. Indition, kichinsky added that the project for cyberpunk 2077 is still at an early stage of development. With regard to microtransactions, the company is in search of optimal solutions, butt a policy on the player policy.

Ilon mask tesla cybertruck – can be part of cyberpunk 2077

Ilon Mask Tesla Cybertruck - CAN BE Part of Cyberpunk 2077

Ilon mask presented the last novelty from tesla – cybertruck. Innovation has the form of a futuristic pickup, which could be perfectly fit in the context of anti-nightopias of forty years ago.

Presumably, to appreciate the capabilities of the machine. Users will be able to next year, but it will take place not on the real city streets, but in knight city from cyberpunk 2077.

Equally, communication mask with official representatives of the game developer. At first, ilon mask publishes the photo of innovation, and then a mysterious message appears on the official page of the studio, addressed to the inventor, the answer of which was the wish to see in 2077.

It is likely that all of the above is nothing more than a joke, although ilon mask and is known for the appearance in several films and serials. At the same time, no official reports on cooperation of the mask and the creators of cyberpunk 2077 did not follow. Taking into account the appearance of cybertruck pickup could be perfectly fit into the game.

Recall that ilon mask plans to build a transit system of tunnels in las vegas.

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