Cyprus Has Created The Ministry Of Tourism To Control The Tourist Industry

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January 13, 2022
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As part of the preparation for the launch of the first integrated resort casino, cyprus creates a special ministry of tourism.

Cyprus Has Created the Ministry of Tourism to Control The Tourist Industry

The office will be charged with the supervision and regulation of the tourist industry of the island state, the local news agency neos kosmos reported.

Until recently, the cyprus tourist industry, which in the first nine months of 2018 received income in the amount of €2.27 billion, was controlled by the state body, which was also entrusted with the tasks of regulating the sphere of energy and trade.

The new body will carry out supervision of the tourist of implementing cyprus plans to develop and implement a new strategy that will help the country to attract more foreign guests, stimulate higher holiday expenses and deal with the phenomenonon of tourist seasonality.

The authority will also assume the duties of the state tourism organization of cyprus. The representative of the government prodromost to prodrom on the new body would need to implement the national tourist strategy of cyprus with special policies, tourism development planning and wider political control over the sector.

Cyprus’s tourist industry accounted for 22.3% of the economic contribution of the island state in 2017.

Melco – main player in the cyprus market

News about the creation of a secialized ministry of tourism for the first time appeared last summer. Currently, melco resorts is actively developing on the cyprus market & entertainment.

Melco received a license to manage an integrated resort, as well as four satellite casinos in the capital of nicosia, larnaca, paphos and ayia napa. Temporary gambling establishments will work until the main resort opens its guest doors.

Melco’s main resort will be launched in 2021. The company headed by hong kong businessman lawrence ho recently statedt that it would increase its initial investment in the development of the object. Melco and its local partner cns group were originally planned to invest €550 million in its construction. However, it is not yet known how much ultimate will be spent on implementation of a large-scale project.

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