Cyprus Present A Revised Draft Law On Gambling

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September 29, 2022
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The new bill gives the opap gambling provider. The exclusive right to provide gambling services, while collecting taxes will be carried out as a percentage of gross profits.

Cyprus Present A revised Draft Law On Gambling

State control over opap and services provided will be postfactum by the national rate agency (nba) and pre-– control committee.

Cyprus’s authoritiested that the draft law provides for strict regulation, control and oversight of the functioning of bookmakers providing gambling services, as well as strict regulation of the organization itself and its activities.

«The draft law allows νba open disciplinary affairs against providers if the requirements of the draft law. Administrative fines will be made for violations. The law also includes a number of criminal law provisions for offenses defined in the draft law», – present government authorities.

Reception of casino licensing applications was opened in cyprus from october 3 to november 3. The list of operators who received permission to activities on the island entered the operator bet365.

Recall, melco increases the controlling stake in the casino casino project project.

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