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March 21, 2022
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The first draw in czechoslovakia took place a hundred years ago. Lottery caused a considerable excitement, 60 thousand was sold out. Tickets, and the main prize amounted to 50 thousand. Kron.

Czech Lottery TURNED One Hundred Years

The state through the introduction of lottery drawers was trying to return cash to the country, as citizens often went for gambling fun to neighbors. The main prize of the first draw – 50 thousand. Kron – was equivalent to the amount that was required to purchase decent apartments. This tells the historian martin tumble. He also adds that the prize won in the history of the czech republic is an earnings of the avaage citizen for 5–10 years, provided that the latter refuses food and water.

The first draws could last for sevel hours, participants liked to watch the process itself. Despite the faint draw conducted in 1919 never existed, in the archives of czech radio, sound comments are preserve.

In 1939, he was running a record at that time a jackpot of 1 million kroons.

However, it should be noted thatt of participation in the first lottery was 200 crowns and was not available to everyone, since it was nessary to earn a month to average citizens. So that not only wealthy residents can take part in the lottery, the drawing process was divided into classes. This is due to the name of gambling fun – «czechoslovak classified lottery». Thus, the action took place in five rounds, and the public could bet, making a quarter or one eighth cost of a lottery ticket.

According to the legislation of the sale of tickets became a prize fund and were paid as a winnings, and the state treasury.

The lottery was not a monopoly option of the government. So, their draws were even in spiritual institutions. It was necessary in order to contain temples in the period between wars.

Already then they existed illegal, or «black», lottery – peak activity of such activities came on time after the end of the first world war. Gendarmery was engaged in the defeat of underground establishments, which, as a rle, were located on the outskirts of industrial cities.

The last draw of the classification lottery took place in 1953. And in 1957, sportka was launched, the operator of which became a well-known to contemporaries, – sazka.

Recall that in the czech republic there is no tax on winnings, but the authorities are planning to change this rule.

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