Czech Republic For Figure Skating, Women: The Evolution Of Costumes Was Pleasantly Surprised

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April 28, 2022
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Costumes in figure skating always occupied a special place. Designers are developing images under the figure skaters so that the maximize their programs. Consider and compare the troika leaders of the last czech republic – scherbakova, pouches and cosatone.

Czech Republic for Figure Skating, Women: The Evolution of Costumes Was Pleasantly surprised

Figure skating: chr 2020, women and short program with contrast dresses

Among the fans is one of the most discussed following competitions, especially if we are talking about the russian championship. We told about the costumes of your loveders and tried to disassemble how the outfits of the best figure skaters evolved compared to last year’s czech republic.

One. Anna shcherbakova.

Anna Shcherbakova

Due to the championship in two seasons in a row to the outfits of anna, special attention. This year, in a short program, shacherbakov appeared in a dark gray sparkling dress, with an underlined red colors of the open back. On champion they look easily and gently even outfits in dark colors.

However, last year’s figure skater on the speech «a comme amour» caused the fans of admiration much more. Olga ryabenko’s designer created a white and blue air dress that perfectly approached both for the ani itself and for her tender program.

In a separate material, we told about the participation of the grant in the show «sleeping beauty».

2. Alain kosostna.

Alain Kosostna

Short programs of alena costoa on this and past championships were completely different in technical terms. The figure skater in the 2019/2020 season was leading after this program, surprising everyone with clean triple accele and lutz, a cascade of a triple flip + triple tulup.

Cosovna’s chip in this and last seasons – the image of a gentle and brittle angel under the appropriate composition, which is confirmed by the years, the ripe skating shape. Allen outfits were also similar – in white and blue tones with a maximum amount of rhinestones.

But in the season 2019/2020, the cat dress was also more adult, like skating. Long sleeves disappeared from the costume, the right leg appeared.

On the clutory of the crutter in the short program we wrote in ur separate article.

3. Alexandra trowanova.

Last year, alexander trusov, many surprised the non-standard outfit as a little young girl. On the figure skater was a black suit with yellow-orange elements on the back, and sasha performed to the music from the film «kill bill».

Alexandra Trowanova

Another designer also became olga ryabenko. This costume became one of the brightest championships, despite the rigor of the colors and the sharpness of the image. At the russian championships of the 2019/2020 season, coward appeared in a more familiar figure outfit – white and gray dress with rhinestones. The outfit was a special air, and on the sides, cutouts were traced, which were covered with a grid.

The dress was also purple elements. The outfit can be called more «brave», to compare last year. Long sleeves disappeared and straps appeared on one shoulder. In the middle of the number sasha was supposed to fasten the fastener to change the dress, but in the end, the black and white and gray.

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