Dana White Criticized Mcgregor, Habib And Fighters Who Do Not Hold Words

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April 20, 2022
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Dana white gave a large interview with espn, in which critical respondd to the attitudements of the two most popular fighters in lightweight. We are talking about konora mcgregor and habibe nurmagomedov. Details in the material.

Dana White Criticized McGregor, Habib and Fighters Who Do Not Hold Words

Dana white does not like empty promises

The head of ufc dana white holds his business in his hunters. With it, the absolute fighting championship took a leading place among the promotions, which organize battles on mixed martial arts. Now his organization – this desired place is almost for any athlete wh sees their career in octave.

Paid broadcasts, ticket sales – all this requires clear planning and training. This is a serious business, on the horse of which thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars. This is exactly the cause of sharp statements dana white in an espn interview. In it, the ufc president said that he really does not like fighters who do not hold their own words.

The first to distribution came conor mcgregor. White commented on the recent statement of the irish that his next fight would be held on january 18. At the same time, the head of the organization stressed for this the here is no reason for this yet, because there is no even oral agreement on the duel between him.

And in general, he does not like that the fighter with which he has good relationships, is constantly julit and changes decisions about his career. However, this time, notes white, it seems like a conor configured seriously. But what will happen from this in the end – not yet known.

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Habib Nurmagomedov Received His Portion

Habib nurmagomedov received his portion. According to the president, it was originally planned that dagestan will go into octave on the first license plate of the ufc in 2020, that is, in january. And it sems like between him and «eagle» there was such an agreement. But now, according to white, the manager of ali ali abdel-aziz argues that its ward will not return to the cage before spring.

Dana recognizes that his relationship with the arabic manager is quite stretched and he does not like such a change in agreements, but refers to understanding, since ali uphold the best conditions for their athlete.

Habiba abdulmanap nurmagomedov’s father also previously said that his son will return in the spring and his opponent will have to become tony ferguson. More details we wrote in a separate material.

Previously, we we wrote about what was prevented by magomedsharipov to show his best qualities on the ufc in moscow.

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