Dana White Penetrating The History Of The Saleswoman Who Came Up With The Thief

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April 29, 2022
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Previously worked by plumbing conor mcgregor got a rival: 24-year-old electronics store salesman stopped the thief. Admired american courage dana white called her on the ufc 246, promising to bring a girl tickets to the vip-loge personally.

Dana White penetrating the history of the saleswoman who came up with the thief

Dana white, «twitter» and the situation in the hawaiian store: the head of ufc wants to meet with that very saleswoman

In hawaii, in one of the bestbuy electronics stores, an incident occurred, which head of ufc dana white could not ignore. The network has a video, as a saleswoman comes with a fight with a thief who tried to make a portable speaker without paying him.

24-year-old american summer tapas explained that earlier this thief was already turned like. This time the saleswoman did not restrain and instinctively decided to stop the man personally.

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Other store employees were connected to the fight, as a result of which the thief broke out with the scuffle without a box with an expensive speaker. Summer followed to accompany the unwanted guest to exit. According to the girl, the criminal apologized, but he tried to hit her.

The company owning the network of electronics stores, dismissed tapas for bestbuy policy violations. If short, the store’s products should not subjected to the danger of employees and customers.

Heading ufc dana white devoted the situation to the post in «twitter», where shortly described the history of the summer and stated that he wishes her to hire her to work in ufc. Also, the american stated that she would give a girl tickets for the fight of the mcgregor’s coniron, personally coming to hawaii.

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Tickets for the fight of the conir of McGregor

Despite the fact that the ufc 246 tickets started in a matter of minutes, white is ready to find a place for tapas in vip-lodge. Later in his interview, dana noted that summer – an incredible personality, and the bestbuy’s management went crazy, firing a bold girl.

It is known that she was already offered to join the women’s team on american football. Previously, the girl was engaged in this sport.

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