Daniel Gleihengauz: We Pushed The Whole World To Development

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April 27, 2022
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The main choreographer eteri tutberidze, daniel gleihengauz, explained why the four jumps become commonplace, although quite recently seemed to be something impossible. Read more in material.

Daniel Gleihengauz: We Pushed the Whole World to Development

Daniel gleihengauz: four girls become the norm

This season, eteri tutberidze wards will win on all fronts, from junior to adult competitions. The approach of the coaching staff, which catches the trends in figure skating, even before the norm. In essence, themselves create new boundaries of the norm. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

In a recent interview with journalists, published on the website of the federation of figure skating of russia, the chief choreographer tutberidze, daniel gleihenghauz, expanded this thougoht. According to the director, in many respects, the lack of four jumps in girls was associated with psychology. Neither athletes nor the coaches thought that it was possible, plus there were enough elements available.

According to the choreographer, men’s skating took exactly the same way. First was a quadruple salum, then tulup, and after the skaters began to try other jumps. At the same time, daniel stressedt that certainly these elements are complex and no one jumps from the first time. Before this, the athlete passes a long stage of preparation with the fishing rod and in defense. But working still in adolesisce he knows that it is possible. This is what you can strive for.

Figure Skating

Now fourth jumps are performed not only by representatives of the tutberidze group. Recently, his quadruple introduced elizabeth tuktamyshev, in his arsenal elements four added and rick kihira. Indition to them in «race ultra-si» juniors connected. So on this grand prix of his jumps present alice lew.

We advise you to read our material about how elizabeth tuktamysheva expands the idea of ​​figure skating.

The complication of programs from other skaters, according to daniel, means that headquarters tutberidze pushed «the whole world to development» and he replied. According to gleihengauz, natural races of complexity occurred.

Earlier, we wrote about the record of veronica zhilina, another ward «crystal» with a quadruple jump.

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