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July 15, 2022
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An expert in the gambling sector of daniel hetmans claims that it is necessary to accept licensing conditions, provide licenses to the operators of lotteries and reduce tax fees. This is informed «press 24».

Daniel Hetmans:'Pay attention to the lottery market'

«Four years have passed since the adoption of the law “about state lotteries of ukraine”, but the ministry of finance authorized to developed acts and resolve the issue with licensing operators, does not rush to solve the problem», – says an expert.

Three lottery operators are working in the country, forced to enjoy the transitional provisions of the law in force to the adoption of licensing conditions. Due to the unwillingness of the authorities to perform immediate duties on the lottery market there was a negative trend.

«Back in 2013, operators brought the country’s budget hundreds of millions of taxes. Now these indicators have decreased to dozen. Push the oil into the fire dragon measures taken by tax authorities who have fallen into lottery operators overestimated tax loads in the form of three-time taxation», – signs hetmans.

According to the expert, positive shifts in the situation wick licensing lottery operators are not observed. «Civilized operation of operators is based on legalization by licensing. The authorities shold stop the practice of persection and pessure on lottery operators working for dozens of years in ukraine, make license conditions and reduce tax defeats».

Earlier it became known that two of the three lottery operators of ukraine fellnment for sanctions of the government for supposedly «russian mark». The supreme administrative court considers the statement of the operator «m.From.L.» on exclusion from the sanctions list. During the hearings could not document the decision on the inclusion of restrictive lists, as well as prove the involvement of the ukrainian operator to russian businesses.

Recall the company «m.From.L.» he is the only operator in the ukrainian market having an international certificate of the responsible game issued by the european lottery association. Payments for winnings are carried out regularly: over the past 14 years, winners received more uah 9 billion.

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