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April 5, 2022
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After completing the wsop summer sale, purchases within the framework of which took few minutes, daniel negrean announced a similar action timed to the upcoming world series of poker europe.

Daniel Negrean Announced The Sale Of Wsope

Daniel negrean announced the details of the sale of his investment package on the personal page on twitter. The event caused an excitement among media representatives and poker. Also, the player said that he would be a participant in wsop player, which will be held in roszovad.

Previously, many representatives of the industry expressed doubts about whether she takes a poker participation in the tournament. However, it is no secret that the rivalry of the player with sean dibe for the title of the best recently only ran.

Unwillingness to take part in the wsope series, browsers associated with two reasons. First, the player recently left pokerstars team pro after many years of stay in the role of the main person of the brand. The second reason was called the recent marriage of pecherist with amanda lizerman. In one of the video in the fans, he stated that he was more inspired by the prospect of creating his own family than life from one poker championship to another.

Negreagna also noted that there are some difficulties with the wsope schedule.

Good news is that daniel sold the opportunity to participate in the poker competition, which took place in las vegas, no extra charge.

Recall that the famous poker patrick antonius shared the secret of how not to focus on defeats and losing large sums of money.

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