Danish Gambling Regulator Launches A New Campaign Against Gambling

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April 22, 2022
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Danish gambling regulator – spillmyndigheden – announced the launch of a new campaign to promote stopspillet. The essence of the latter is to encourage igno-dependent citizens to seek help.

Danish Gambling Regulator Launches a New Campaign Against Gambling

The stopspillet program was launched in january of the current year. At the moment, it known that 700 calls from ludomans or representatives of their closest surroundings – family or friends.

The essence of the new campaign called pokerfj is that on national television, on social networks and with the help of streaming services will be three times a day, 30-second rollers will be broadcast. Video contains information on how stopspillet can help the consumer cope with problem gambling.

Each of the rollers depicts different main characters – woman, man and young football player. All of them unites one problem – dependence on gambling, which are trying to hide from their loved ones by all. Characters are depicted in everyday situations. Voice-over voice – the link between the listener and the hero, he is a leather thoughler translator. Thus, the viewed video will be able to assess the internal state of a person suffering from gambling dependence.

Slogan campania – «you cannot say this out loud, tell us about it».

Slogan Campaign -'You can not say this out loud, tell us about it.'

Indition, the gambling regulator announced that he plans to try out the new chat functionality on the program site. A new tool will allow the user in the shortest possible time to contact a specialist and chat online.

In september, spillemyndighed noted the success of the stopspillet project, saying that 348 calls were received for the hotline for the first six months. It is significant that the number of the latter increases, since until september 11, 152 more attempts to seek help.

Interesting statistics – of 500 calls made for the named period, 46% came from the gamers and 39% – from their relatives. Another 5% – calls from medical professionals, and the last 10% applied for gambling advice.

Most of the callers – men (85%). It is significant that among the relatives of ludomanov, wh applied for help, prevail representatives of the finest gender (69%).

Recall that the gambling regulator denmark introduced a new system that allows employes of gembling companies to inform the relevant violations.

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