Daria Usacheva Revealed The Reason For The Success Of Alina Zagito

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April 26, 2022
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Bronze medalist finals grand prix among juniors daria usacheva shared his thoughts about his colleague in the group in «crystal» alina zagitova. Details in the material.

Daria Usacheva revealed the reason for the success of Alina Zagito

Zagitova and trusov – main workaholiki «crystal»

Daria usacheva became one of the four juniors from russia, which made his way to the final of the isu grand prix of figure skating in turin. According to his result, she ranked third, giving way to american alice lew and camile valiyeva. Together with the last daria engaged in the same group at the famous coach eteri tutberidze.

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In a recent interview for the russian media, the owner of turin «bronze» told about his impression of colleagues in the group and the most training process. The main difference, according to dasha, is the need to continue to work. In other words, you can relax only after workout, everything else is busy exhausting skills and jumps.

Despite the fact that everything in the group is very hardworking, there is, according to usacheva, and the leader in this regard – alina zagitova. The figure skater admitted that the olympic champion admired her before transition to tankheridze, continues to do it now. As daria says, despite the fatigue and difficulties, alina left the workout only after the perfect rolled steel.

She is also enthusiastic and other girls: alena kosostna, anna shcherbakova and alexandra pouches. Last like your persistence. According to darya, sasha never stops, continuing to learn and train new jumps.

Arguing about the coaches, usacheva denies the thought that they are evil. According to her, all kind, but demanding. At the right moment, each of them feels thin when it is worth discharge the situation and for example, to joke.

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