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January 6, 2022
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Darina denisova, president sro «association of bookmaker office», solidarna with russian deputies in the opinion that rates for children and youth competitions are incorrect and they must be banned.

Darina Denisova:'Betting - entertainment for adults'

The lawne on banning rates for children and youth competitions was adopted by the third reading and signed by the president of the russian federation.

The head of the sectoral organization believees that the prohibition will not affect the total rates taken by the member bookmakers.

«These rates have always been minor among players. Inddition, almost all bookmakers on youth sports and previously stood rather hard limits over the amount of possible rates», – stressedd presentident sro.

Darina denisova also believees that the adopted amendment may contribute to the law «cleansing» russian sport.

«Indeed, when young non ​​professional teams were in line in the bookmaker line, it looked not entirely correct in every sense. Betting – entertainment for adults, fullly formed psychologically people».

Also, the head of the sro noted that the bookmakers will be able to refuse rates for children’s sport without tangible financial losses.

Recall: darina denisova also believes that it is necessary to level members of the russian betting market in rights through the introduction of uniform rules.

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