Debut Of Superstar Russia: How Did You Cope In The First Match Of The World Cup Nhl?

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February 21, 2022
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Russian national team at the start match of the world hockey championship defeated norway with a score of 5: 2. After the match, everyone is only talking about the improved style and the main staff of the match, even in addition and the main competitors lost. But what seriously influenced the world cup?

Debut of Superstar Russia: How Did You Cope in the First Match of the World Cup NHL?
Content: 1. How are things after the first right?2. Keywords: why ovechkin is so rigorous?3. Dadonov, kucher and link4. Protection of vasilevsky and king match evgeny malkin

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How are things after the first right?

Unlike the main competitors – commented canada, sweden and usa – russians successfully debuted at the turnament in the new star form. Expected favorites started match showed an unexpected negative outcome: finland – canada 3: 1, czech republic – sweden 5: 2, usa – slovakia 1: 4. But one of the strongest world hockey teams today – russia – showed an excellent result and almost done everything perfect.

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The main cause of the successful outcome of the match: the coordinated gamel of the first link (gusev – malkin – kuckers – dadonov – coming) what you can not say, for example, about ovechkin and his brigade. Alexander beil himself is surprisingly little and became a participant unpleasant to russia the ending of the game. An important factor is the fact that the russians spoke early with the stanley cup. It could be the cause of good tactical and physical training.

The former mentor of the russian national team vladimir vlishiv shared the opinion that this match did not have a serious meaning and became for its ex-wards an easily accessible step towards the final. He also added that norway was noticeably lagging behind the main indicators (class, tactics, physical data, technique) and that on the monday match with the czech republic will be a completely different level of game and rivalry.

Keywords: why ovechkin is so rigorous?

Special achievements alexander did not shine in this match, but he is far from antiger. His game style in this meeting remained traditionally contact and harsh, however, did not have some kind of final enchanting throw or a sharp point in the risk. As a result – ovechkin’s link almost wort moments and most.

Evgeny kuznetsov. The hockey player sems to forgot, where and against whom it plays, so his help team has become conditional in this match. What you can not say, for example, about dmitry orlov. This guy sems to teleported from place to place, it was a lot of always and everywhere. Looking at his game, we can talk about the new starry style of russia: speed ​​of runways, utility at the gates, movement and game in all positions. No one argues that orlova had their own feels and even a violation, but after such a show on ice and the corresponding result, small antics can be forgiven.

Dadonov, kucher and link

This couple from the most successful in the match with the norwegians of the link showed itself. Dadons helped malkin in every way and was a frequent visitor of the rival gate grid: on the eugene’s account two successful throw and a couple of beautiful moments. The main task of the hockey player was malkin’s maintenance. As a result, he showed performance, but it was still less notable next to a twin.

Kucherov remembered his classic cast from the middle who struck the norwegian grid. On ice nikita was no less useful than the leader of malkin, but, as well as his aforementioned colleague, became not so catchy.

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Protection of vasilevsky and king match evgeny malkin

The best was accustomed to the end. Why the best: andrew stumbled at position only once, when the team missed the second puck. Such simple throws to skip either say on 25 reflections of throws, and sometimes much more difficult? You can close your eyes on this.

The best match player – malkin. Eugene traditionally was a key figure of the national team than justified the assigned hopes and trust. In this match, the central striker showed all his features and again proved that so far he is one of the best. It is worth noting the speed, the effectioneness of the transmissions on seeking (there were a lot of them). He became a hero of two heads and, if you take a look at the whole game, is the unconditional leader and the russian national star.

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