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February 14, 2022
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In february, our publication announced a competition, based on the results of which the winner will receive a few tickets for one of the leading activities on the topic of gemina – russian gaming week.

Defined a happy owner of tickets on RGW

Under the terms of the compettion, the partiipants had to compettion up with a new original name symbol of the rgw conference – matreshka. Following the competition, as a reward for the best answer – matereeshka – the winner will receive two vip tickets to the event. Representatives of our publication will contact the winner within two working days.

Vip-ticket gives a number of advantages, namely: the opportunity to register at the rack faster, to personally communicate with the speakers of the event, includely organized dinner, accommodation in a speakers area at the conference and t. D.

Recall: our edition performs the media gembling sponsor rgw 2019.

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