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April 7, 2022
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New appointments in delasport

Delasport brand, taking steps for development and promoting growth, made changes in the top management appointment of an experienced financial and legal executive director of alon pasternak by the financial director (cfo).

Alon pasternak will be headed by departments located on different continents, and bring with you more than twenty years of experience in the field of finance, rights and regulation in the corporate and private sector.

Alon pasternak, delasport financial director, commented:

"I am glad to join the delasport management team as a financial director of the group and i look forward to the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience, first of all, in the financial, legal and strategic aspects of the group’s activities. I believe that delasport is at the same time becoming a worldwide supplier of one of the best platforms for sports betting on the internet ".

Even in a difficult year, the company’s growth was brightly expressed in several new partnerships with leading suppliers, operators and specialists of the igaming industry in 2020.

Eli moscow, vice president for strategic partnership, noted:

"We are very pleased to join to us. Much can be said about his extensive service listed and achievements in our industry and beyond. We are satisfied with high high-quality professionals, which delasport attracts as a company, i personally look forward to his unique, tested and proven methodology in delasport ".

Source: official site delasport

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