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January 12, 2022
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In denmark, an adjustable online gambling market has fisked the illegal sector. However, gambling in social networks and rates on the skins remain problematic.

Denmark: The legal market of gambling fastened illegal operators

The last report of the danish regulator spillemyndighed it is argued that the number of unauthorized gambling sites offering their services to users without special licensing remains insignificant.

In december 2018, spillemyndigheden conducted three checks to identify illegal gambling operators and sites promoting such operations. The control audit revealed 742 distressed website, which more than twice the number of similar resources, recorded a year earlier. However, the regulator draws attention to the fact that in 2018 a deeper and thorough check was carried out, which was necessary in order to make sure that the legal sites did not change their content.

Problem operators sent notifications of violation of the danish law on gambling act. A total of 742 sites containing inappropriate content, belong to 22 operators, 18 of which were blocked by internet providers.

Despite the fact that last year, such notifications were sent to 31 illegal operator, the number of blocked domains was sent – 18, became a record. Similar activity was noted in 2012, when a legal market was launched. In the following years, blocked domains were either the minimum amount or there were also absent.

Indition, the revition of the regulator has discovered 95 potentially problematic sites offering betting on cybersport. 17 petitions were sent and 6 domains were blocked.

A problem segment for the danish market remains gambling in social networks. Lotteries held in facebook groups constitute the competition of local monopoly. Society blocked four such groups at the request of the gambling regulator.

Adjustable gambling market in denmark is a kind of example for many european countries. Danes managed wort limiting the number of licensed operators and expanding the spectrum of the proposed gambling products, displace illegal operators. This summer, the internet market has established a new quarterly revenue revenue record, in part thanks to the 2018 world cup.

Recall that despite all the achievements of online gambling, the landmarks of denmark are in decline.

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