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February 11, 2022
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Dennis drazin, head of rights «montmouth park», will be the third heavyweight industry, whose name will enter the hall of fame (hall of fame).

Dennis Drazin - Speaker Sports Betting Hall Of Fame

Indition to the drasin, in this list, the governor of new jersey chris christie and legen of the las vegas bookmakers sector arteris.

The hall of fame ceremony will take place on april 25, 2019 in sky room, manhattan, as part of the final parties of the biggest profile event on sports betting in the us – betting on sports america, – which will be held at the meadowlands exposition center, new jersey exhibition complex.

Drazin for half a century is closely related to jumps on the benritory of new jersey: at the beginning as a fan, then as the owner of a race horse, and later both the executive director of darby development, operator «park montmouth».

Since the 90s, dzazin was an adviser to the association of riders of purebred horses, and in 2009 he became the chairman of the commision on the jumps of new jersey.

In 2012, dzazin accepted the brazda of the board «park montmouth». The object entered the history of new jersey when the governor phil murphy made the first legal sports rate in the united states on june 14, 2018 on its territory.

«Racing and betting were an important part of my life from the moment the father first led me to jumps in the 60s. I am happy to recognize my merit in your favorite case from colleagues», – noted dzozin.

The organizer of the hall of fame ceremony is sbc. Ivent was first sport in 2016, and his goal – to honor and perpetuate the names and outstanding achievements of persons who have made a significant contribution to the sports betting sector.

«Dennis played a key role in the legalization of sports betting in new jersey. He, undoubtedly, deserved a place in the hall of fame», – schneider, director of public relations in sbc.

The list of honorary members sports betting hall of fame also included mark blyundford, karsten caerle, howard chisholm, fred dan, vigen badalyan and others.

Recall that at the betting on sports america conference will be held a master class on affiliate marketing.

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