Deonta Wilder Appreciated The Chances Of Anthony Joshua To Revenge

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April 20, 2022
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On the eve of his own battle against luis ortis, in the victory over which wilder does not doubt, he appreciated the chances of anthony joshua to return titles in revenge with andy ruiz. Read more in material.

Deonta Wilder Appreciated The ChanceS of Anthony Joshua to Revenge

Wilder vs joshua: the battle that everyone was waiting

Despite the beliefs of many visitors to sports forums that all professional boxing – this setting paid by promoters, real life proves that everything is not so unequivocal. Even at the beginning of this year, the most anticipated battle in the heavyweight, which could imagine fans, was definitely a fight between deontey wilder and anthony joshua. Rumors about the organization of this meeting lasted for several years. This is not surprising, because the winner would be the absolute world champion in boxing. This was not happening since lennox lewis.

But the negotiations each time rested in a dead end. Here it is fit to join lovers of boxing conspiracy. And on june 1, an unforeseen happened. Anthony joshua, who walked with an invincible record and owned three major champion belts, lost «puffle on replacement» from mexico andy riesu. The influence of the ejde on the boxing world has decreased, and the potential fight against wilder does not look so desirable. Last chance for the british to fix everything – win revenge at mexican. Their fight will be held in saudi arabia on december 7. In the case of victory, aidges will be able to return to the elite, and if he loses – this is almost 100% a sunset of career and the transition to category b.Wilder does not believe in joshua and is waiting for ruis

Wilder does not believe in Joshua and is waiting for Ruis

That’s just deonttey himself believes in anthony. When «bronze bomber» asked who wins the arabian revenge, he instantly answered: «andy rus». According to wilder, he liked mexican in the first battle and he is sure that he will like ruis in the second. At the same time, the american remembered long and difficult negotiations with the joshua team, who were not crowned with success, and also expressed the opinion that everything would be easier with mexican:

«As soon as we agreed on some conditions, we had to do something else, then also, you understand what i mean. It was too. This is a sport of gladiators, this is a sport of men. I am a man and i have no time to play. It (fight with ruis – approximate. Red.) it is much simpler and, in my opinion, a much more exciting battle».

Deonttey has already spoken on the topic revanchie agea. According to him, ruiz is just more worthy of this victory. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

Earlier, we wrote that wilder predicted joshua defeat, if he does not transfer revenge to a later date.

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