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April 13, 2022
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On december 7, 2019, the fate of three heavyweight champion belts will be determined. The reason for it – revenge between anthony joshua and andy ruiz-jr. His plans for the winner still has another champion, deonta wilder. An invincible boxer shared his thoughts about boy and told who his favorite.

Deontte Wilder considers Ruis more worthy victory

Wilder wants the battle of americans

Deonta wilder remains the only current heavyweight champion without defeats in the record. Yes, on november 23, he is waiting for a good check in a duel against luis ortiz, but still serious concern that this confrontation causes. Firstly, «bomber» already won cuban in march last year, and secondly, louis is not young – he is already over 40 years old. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the attention of the americans is not concentrated at its meeting, but on a revenge joshua with rice.

November 23rd. #wilderortizii #pbconfox pic.Twitter.Com / 5snd9je2vg

— deontay wilder (@bronzebomber)
september 28, 2019

The loss of anthony of all their titles in june of this year was refiring boxing lovers to a true shock. Andy, who agreed to the fight only as a replacement after the failure of miller’s doping sample, became the first mexican heavyweight champion. Something the story reminds the case with a mustache, and the emergency replacement of spongha for chazz, but only sasha coped with this. More details we wrote in a separate material.

For everyone who said joshua would beat wilder.???? #ajruiz pic.Twitter.Com / siywaf4w6q

— anshu choudhary ???????? (@ kumaranshu04)
june 2, 2019

For agea, the fat man turned out to be too strong nutrition. But, the benefit for the british, in the contract there was an obligatory revenge. True, according to deontey wilder, aj will not help: «ruiza jr. Has motivation and confidence… i don’t think he is one of those who will live calmly after feeling the taste of success. This is just the beginning».

According to the bronze bomber, everyone expects an interesting and big fight on december 7 in er-riyadh, but the truly great match, according to wilder, will happen between him and andy ruiz after the last will overcome joshua. In the event of this confrontation of this confrontation, the winner will collect all four major champion belts in his hands and will receive the status of the absolute world champion. What was not in this division since the times of lennox lewis.

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Earlier, wilder argued that joshua would lose if he does not transfer a duel to a later date. According to his conviction, he has not had time to recover.

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