Deputies Of Kyrgyzstan Intend To Change Gambling Legislation

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April 19, 2022
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In the proposed bill, deputies intend to introduce a ban on the organization of sites intended for the implementation of gembling transactions. The document can be found on the official site of parliament.

Deputies of Kyrgyzstan Intend To Change Gambling Legislation

Also, deputies recalled that in 2011 a ban on slot machines and a casino was introduced. In this regard, according to their conclusion, the number of players who suffer from gambling addiction, as well as the consequences of gambling (divorces, the income of the odg from the shadow revenues and t. D.) reduced.

By trading a ban, some casinos still continue to work under the guise of the office for organizing gambling transactions. So, in osh and bishkek, zones work, where you can put on the exchange rate. Also open to the organization of casino under the guise of binary options.

Often, the practice of using mobile applications, as well as the transaction. According to the gembling transaction served as a replacement for a number of prohibited gambling among young people. In the event that the ban on such operations is not entered, the situation with gambling and casino will repeat – ludomanania level will increase controlling this sphere.

The bill offers:

  • Prohibit transactions related to gambling;
  • For organizing gambling and involvement in this activity to introduce criminal liability;
  • To prohibit the possible introduction of training and consultations on binary options and gambling.

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