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August 19, 2022
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One of the projects aimed at the legalization of gambling activities in brazil, who are currently analyzed by the chamber of deputies and senate, was approved last week. The special committee discussing the proposed rules continues to insist on this initiative, writes innovate gaming.

Deputies pushing the legalization of gambling in Brazil

The document originally developed by the renato wianne deputy was first presented in the lower chamber in 1991 and since then is under consideration. This is one of the previous similar bills that are currently reviewed by the brazil congress.

The offer was sent to the plenary session of deputies. The draft law is not very different from other almost 16 legislative proposals on this issue.

Among the main points of the document – the legalization of lotto, which can only be in the salons or on football stadiums with a capacity of more than 15.000 places. As for the casino, the can be located in recreation and entertainment complexes with hotels and other tourist attractions, in cities with a certain population population.

Supervision of gambling facilities will be carried out by the federal government in collaboration with states and municipalities through a controlling organization that will be created after the initiative becomes the law.

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