Despite Oakl Ovechkin, “Washington” Almost Missed Victory

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January 28, 2022
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Leader «washington capitals» alexander ovechkin celebrated by dubl in the last exit game against «los angeles kings», and his team mined an important victory. But the efforts of russia could not be enough, «caps» almost missed victory.

Despite Oakl Ovechkin,'Washington' almost missed victory
Content: 1. Problems «washington» after leaving trota2. Ovechkin made a double, but the victory almost slipped from «capsov»

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Problems «washington» after leaving trotsya

«Washington capitals» last season were without exaggeration stunning. And their leader alexander ovechkin forced everyone to talk about themselves with a laudatory epithets. A special role in the success of the team was played by coach barry trots, who for four years in the club won three times «metropolitan» division, and the crown of everything became a victory in the stanley cup.

But guide «capsov» i regretted my money for the extension of the contract with a secialist. As a result, he went to «new york islends», and kucha’s place was taken by his assistant, todd rirden. And frankly, until the new coach is far from all. But if the first time, much could be explained by the fatigue of players after a long season, then the further, the more visible the gaps of the new coach in certain aspects.

First of all, the new coach is missing confidence. This is expressed in a very frequent execution of the composition. It seems that todd is simply not sure who to release and who from his players is willing to perform tasks. In the second, apparently, rirden – weak motivator. This can be seen from the number of the lost fights in the overtime of the match or even missed games in the course of. The latter almost became the cause of the failure and in the extreme match with «kings».

Ovechkin made a double, but the victory almost slipped from «capsov»

Let’s begin with «washington» was obliged to win. «Kings» rank late in your conference and lost the last four meetings of five to the fight with «capsami». And the ovechkin team, realizing it, began to dominate from the first seconds. As a result, the middle of the second period, the score on the scoreboard was 0: 3 in favor of guests. Two of the three washers threw a russian athlete in a classic style with a so-called ovechkin office, implementing a numerical majority.

First goal of ovechkin

Second goal of ovi

But then it happened that already happy to «washington» in this season. Part of the leaders are tired, part lost concentration, and the coach could not successfully respond to the visible deterioration of the game. And, as a result, «metropolitan» the second goal of the benefit that the second goal of the benefit that the second goal of the owners was scored 30 seconds until the end of the meeting, otherwise it would not be a victory in overtime «caps».

Match overview

Fortunately for all the club fans from the capital of the united states, the victory was mined. Now hc continues to occupy the fifth place in the conference, and alexander ovechkin heads a sniper race with 42 beds in the asset.

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