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January 31, 2022
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Care kimi raikkonen from «ferrari» and signing on his place of talented monegaska charles of the lecturer made experts talking about a possible conflict inside the team and loss of prestige in sebastian vettel. However, everything is not quite so. More precisely,.

Despite The Talent of the Lecturer, At the Start of the Season'Ferrari' will trust Feta

The first winter tests showed that the new car of the italian concern sf90 seems very promising. Even rivals spoke about him well, for example, franz toast, chapter «toro rosso», noted that according to their measurements «ferrari» faster «mercedes» 0.5 seconds on the circle. But last season «red» great, but blunders in the team strategy and personal mistakes of pilots led to the fact that the victory again won mercedes. In particular, the mistakes of vettel, who risked heavily several times and eventually was fined or went off the track.

As a result – lewis hamilton could finally become a champion, and sebastian finished in second place. Read more about this here.

About 10 years ago the legendary pilot «formula 1» fernando alonso before the transition to «ferrari» spoke about the italian team.

«Ferrari – synonym for inviolability. Sometimes she wins titles, sometimes – no, but she does not have very bad seasons. Think, “ferrari” – the safest choice for any rider».

And in some extent the spaniard rights, because the pilots of this «stables» always at the top of the podium. For example, vettel in the last two years ended the season in the status of vice-champion, but objectively the last victory «ferrari» brought kimi raikkonen in the distance 2007. After that, one of the best and most popular teams «royal racing» said only second seats.

This season, finn moved to «alpha romeo», and the 21-year-old charles lekler was signed in his place. It is young monegask who must create a serious competition of four-time world champion sebastian vettel. According to experts, one only «non-linking» will not cost: a native monaco can shift the german from the team of the first number.

One who doubts the talent and competitiveness of the young pilot can compare the results of the first tests in barcelona. In them, charles showed a little, but still the best result.

  • Lekler

Who enjoyed seeing @charles_leclerc in the # sf90 this week? ????
Absorb the numbers from his first test ????# f1testing #sesereferrari pic.Twitter.Com / w1zge3ylg0

— scuderia ferrari (@scuderiaferrari)
february 22, 2019.

  • Fettel

# seb5 unleashed # sf90 this week ???? Here’s a look back at how things went… # f1testing #sesereferrari pic.Twitter.Com / wt1zzm1ybj

— scuderia ferrari (@scuderiaferrari)
february 22, 2019.

But while sebastian does not experience for his status. At least in an interview, he says that he is glad to compete. Butt, apparently, vettel is calm and for another reason. As the espn site passes, «ferrari» in the first stages will be supported by the german rider. At the same time, the new chapter «scooter» mattia binotto hopes that he will have two competing pilots on the upper positions of the standings.

The last period of dominating the italian team in «formula 1» associated with the name of michael schumacher, who has won the championship for 5 years in a row. On the old one came out, but still not published interview in which he shares the memories of his career. More details in a separate material.

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