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April 28, 2022
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The first month of this year became an excellent gift for fans of diablo 3 diablo: to the 23th anniversary of the game users got the opportunity to participate in ivenis from the creator – «fall tristrama».

Diablo 3 'Tristrama Fall': back in the past

Blizzard entertainment gave fans the opportunity to travel in time, make an exciting walk to the dungeons of the tristram cathedral. The latter, however, promises many dangers that users can survive again, since all of them were already present in various series of diablo 3 diablo.

Indition to interesting experience, the developer also prepared awards for the successful passage of the mission. So, the most capable players can get pets as a prize, profile frames, achievements, portraits and most importantly – walking transmogrification.

Representatives of the game and can not only be ashamed to experienceed users who will most likely be able to posstalgate, but also beginners. For the latter, this is a great opportunity to touch the past, to be at the origins of diablo 3 diablo.

We remind you that in diablo 3 diablo started the 19th season. At the developed 2019 conference, the developed announced that the team is alady working on a new project – diablo iv.

Previously, the company announced the reduction of the state, so to expect a quick completion of the work on the project and the release of diablo iv, according to experts, is not worth.

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