Diaz Refused Silwe: “I Want To Have Fun, And Not Fight”

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January 26, 2022
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Anderson silva fight against nika diaz in ufc, apparently, will not take place, despite the assurances of the brazilian, which is all contractual.

Diaz refused Silwe:'I want to have fun, and not fight'

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February 10 in melbourne, australia, passed ufc 234. The main feast of the evenings after the unexpected hospitalization of robert whitaker became a fight between the ex-champion brazilian anderson silva and new zealander israel adezan. The confrontation lasts all three round, but the second glasses confidently won the second. Despite the defeat of silva, the experts rated his return to octave as a successful.

And indeed, despite the fact that in april of this year he will be 44 years old, «spider» showed that he is still in business and capable of high class. After the fight, the brazilian in the interview said that i would like to meet with nick desz in the next contest in brazil. Moreover, according to silva, he communicated with the american manager and everything was already settled, the point only for the ufc president by white:

«I think it would be a very interesting battle. I spoke to nick’s manager a couple of months ago, and nick answered: “well let’s go and do it. Let’s talk with dana. I’m just waiting for dana”».

However, the diaz-senior himself and his environment reckoning athlete in mma denied. Gilbert mellendes, a long-time friend nick, said in a recent interview that he did not hear anything about the fact that the fighter prepares for return and resumed training. According to him, diaz left mma.

This confirmed the diaz senior himself in his instagram. Onteo in the stories athlete, siping alcoholic beverages with friends, said that he no longer wants to hurt anyone, but he wants to just have fun. The athlete’s decision fully coincides with the resent commentary of the ufc president dana white, wh in mid-january told the pess that the desint brothers do not want to return to mma.

Silva and diaz met in the ufc octave in january 2015. The fight was launched all 5 rounds, and by decision of the judges, the victory went to brazil. However, this battle, none of the fightsers in their asset could not. In blood, anderson found dotartanolon and androsteron, and nick – traces of drug admission.

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