Digital Currency: New Challenges For All States

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August 11, 2022
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At the meeting of the heads of the cis countries, the problem of growth in the number of offensees, which involved cryptocurrency and technology of blockchain. Three weeks ago there was a meeting of the heads of prosecutor’s office of states – members of the cis, on the agenda of which stood the same question.

Digital Currency: New Challenges for All States

Profile ministers agreed that to address issues related to countering offenses using digital technologies, an operational exchange of information is important. Theraefore, erlan turgumbayev, the head of the kazakhstan ministry of internal affairs, called on ongoing basis for the called ongoing basis for the common benefit of citizens of states.

We add, according to the results of the study of capgemini, a specialized research institute, for two years, almost half of the world’s population will start using digital currencies. Conclusions are built on representative surveys of residents of various continents and on objective statistical indicators provided by authoritative international financial structures, including the imf. Such a situation, from the point of view of the specialists, is inevitable in the global economy due to the convenience and efficiency of transboundary translations using digital currencies using digital currencies. The question remains only in various respects of countries.

For example, as we reported earlier, the parliament of ukraine voted for the law on virtual currencies, but the pressident did not sign and returned to refine. According to the assumptions of the portal mining-cryptocurrency.Ru, the country’s leadership is afraid of a negative image in the eyes of foreign investors of the steps of the ukraine towarse of the stepalization of cryptocurrency. Most likely, this question will be in suspended, until the world comes to consensus regarding the use of crypt and other digital assets.

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