Dimok, Leed Traffic Devils, Mikhail Entropia And Other Spempro 2020 Speakers

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May 11, 2022
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Sempro 2020 – this is a mining conference and moneetization of traffic that will be held in the sixth time. At the site, participants and leaders of opinions from all over the cis are collected, aftepati visits 50% of the conference participants.

Dimok, Leed Traffic Devils, Mikhail Entropia and Other Spempro 2020 Speakers

This is the brightest event on seo and arbitration in eastern europe. The conference on which will be all!

That cool this year?

  • 1200+ people from all over the cis and from abroad, 75% – web;
  • 18 speakers in four top verticals: nutra, pdl, gembrace and vertical for the choice of participants (there is a vote: http: // bit.Ly / nisha-vybor);
  • 3500 kv. M for non-massaging;
  • 30+ stands at the exhibition;
  • 4 additional mitap within the conference.

This year, sempro will be held on may 21 in kyiv, in art-space d12. Expect 1200+ people from all over the cis. This year, as always, there will be two streams: seo and cpa.

All content is specialized under four verticals: nutra, pdl, gemblings, the fourth niche organizers announced later. Well, the traditional topic – traffic and seo on bourges.

The principle of selection of speakers is the same as last year. Indition to popular speakers, there will be those who pour a lot, but the first time in life goes to the stage on sempro.

On the topic of the nutra, dmitry holopolos, aka dimok, one of the tops of the everad affiliate. It developes more than 30 resources and is a co-owner of the clickbaze affiliate. At the conference will tell about $ 300k per year on one offer with teaser.

There will be several speakers on gemblings.

Alexander slobozhenko, timlid traffic devils, will tell how to collect 20k + deposits per monh in gembl. Vladimir lucinov, pbn expert in gaming topics, will tell how to dominalize traffic and properly distribute it.

Pdl and finance will perform andrei smolyakov, co-founder of the arbitration team cpalab with a turn of $ 150,000 per month. Theme of his report – how to pour 40% of roi in geo, whose language you do not know. How to make ads with high ctr not knowing. The report will be covered by the experience of 12 geo, including europe, south america.

Seo speakers: eduard pazyuk, head of seo depositphotos, will talk about working with references to pr; ivan bogovka 11 years old works with seo to the west and tell about working with content. Sergey bezborodov, the creator of the fastest saas-craeler in the world of jetoctopus, will make a report-checklist on the topic where the potential for growth in technical seo optimization.

Mikhail svinaarev, co-owner of a closed cpa forum defo.Cc, will tell about the most relevant trends in the west at the time of the conference.

And denis routing, the most anticipated speaker since last year, will present as many as two reports: cpa will tell how to take 1500+ liters a day with almost white niche, by seo – about gluing domains.

This year there will also be an exhibition, twice as many times as last time, it will be 30+ stands: everad, drop1, two new prionika affiliates: pdl-profit and edu-profit and arbitration services.

Participants from top company have already been confirmed: leadnetwork, se ranking, drop1, evoplay, storm digital, rocketprofit, educashion, kadam, capitalist.

Before conference there will be sevel closed meetings that are included in the participant’s ticket options. The program will appear on the site closer to the event. It will be meetings from sponsors, lunch with speakers and more.

Sempro always give a lot of gifts. This year is no exception. Partners give audi q8, a bunch of apple technology, go pro and all sorts of small gifts.

Well, as always, there will be an explosive aftepati with alcohol rivers, an exclusive show program and a quiet area, a stunning atmosphere and soupors for advantageous collaborations.

Register on the link to buy a ticket profitable. Your promotional discount is 10% – logincasino.

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