Direct Air Traffic Will Be Launched Between Russia And Jordan

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April 25, 2022
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According to the press service of the gambling zone «krasnaya polyana», dmitry anfinogenov, the acting director for the development of ircc, held talks with members of the ministry of tourism of jordan. The meeting was held as part of the launch of the tourist destination for jordanians – of the resort town of sochi.

Direct Air Traffic Will Be Launched Between Russia and Jordan

Dmitry said that today the gambling zone has already visited guests from 149 countries of the world. The adjustable flight allows tourists from the uae, israel, turkey and other countries to regularly relax in ircz «krasnaya polyana». Thanks to direct flights with jordan, the gambling zone will be a serious competition to other gambling objects that jordanians visited earlier. At the first stage, an agreement was reached that the analysis will be performed to determine the tourist packages, the most relevant for russian and jordan guests.

Dmitry clarifies that with the population of jordan in 10 million people during the year about 500 thousand. Man go to rest in turkey. Rf for the last year, visited approximately 5 thousand. Man, 2 thousand. Of which are tourists. To implement the program for airfares and solving the rest of the questions will have to spend a lot of effort, and today work in this direction is already carried out. Jordanians are often visited by cyprus and turkey with the main purpose – play casino. This gives reason to believe that they are interested in gambling entertainment in general.

The meeting place has become the ministry of tourism of jordan. The duties of the chairman performed imad hijazin – secretary general. From the russian federation representing the interests of state authorities was sergey krivonosov – deputy chairman of the state duma committee on sports, tourism, physical culture and youth affairs.

The meeting place has become the Ministry of Tourism of Jordan

Sergei krivonosov believes that the fundamental aspect in establishing cooperation between the russian federation and jordan is the opening of air traffic between sochi and amman – capital of jordania. For its part, the delegation of russia promised providing conditions for residence in irsk «krasnaya polyana», as well as the implementation of the marketing campaign and providing discounts on service in sochi airport. In his treatment, the deputy chairman clarified that the establishment of cooperation is invited to start from the resort in sochi, since it is the most near point for jordan.

In the near future, experience will apply to other subjects. In this regard, representatives of ircc are involved in the negotiations «krasnaya polyana», sochi airports and major tourist operators who already have experience working with jordan, for the most detailed discussion of details under the terms of cooperation.

At the same time, dmitry anfinogen shared those capabilities that the resort had, and said 6 thousand granted for guests from jordan. Rooms in the beach and mountain cluster.

Together with this, from jordan, mohammed sameh, the head of the tour operators, mentioned that the relevant exhibitions and seminars were possible for a detailed acquaintance with tourism products. He also emphasized the importance of establishing business relations between tour operators. Jordan is ready to make a strategic partner. It is worth noting that the tourist flow of jordanians to turkey is 480 thousand. Man for a year. In this regard, mohammed sameh noted that russia should acquaint the jordanian consumer with his tourist offers.

Opening of flights between Sochi and Amman

Yasan al hderiei, assistant director general of jordan’s tourism management (jtb), expressed his positive expectations about the prospects for this project and declared his readiness to compensate for part of the cost of creating a flight.

In turn, mikhail polyenko, responsible for the tasks of the director in terms of aviation commerce of the management company of krasnodar airports, sochi and anapa, also announced the readiness to support jordanian royal jardanian in the opening of flights.

Negotiations ended in agreement on the arrival of jordanian participants of the turbines in sochi. During 2019, the resort town of sochi visited approximately 6 million people. Over the past year, krasnodar region received 17 million guests. At the same time, a tourist surge in jordan also marks. Tourist operators at the same time clarify that the middle east of jordan is the most secure place.

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