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March 17, 2022
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Neil McArthur

Neil macarthur, executive director of the commission on games, announced that he leaves the organization in almost 15 years. He joined the commission in 2006 and was the main legal adviser before climbing the post of general director in 2018.

During the nile’s stay as director general, the commission on gambling survived a significant period of change, since it prepared to solve the problems of regulating the rapidly changing and increasingly digital gambling market. Nil watched the enhancement of damage from harm caused by gambling by prohibiting gambling on credit cards; using advanced age checks; and more recently, with the help of new requirements for the design of online design products. He took steps to ensure that the voices of those who suffered from gambling were heard when making decisions by the commission, the culmination of which was the recent creation of a livielihood advisory group. Over the past 12 months, nile also successfully helped the organization cope with problems caused by a global pandemic.

Commenting on your care, neal macarthur stated:

"I am proud to all what the commission on gambling for 15 years of work in this organization has reached. We have taken considerable steps to make gambling more fair and safe, and know that i leave the organization in a strong position to cope with its future tasks. Now, when there is a revision of the law on gambling, i feel that the right time has come to leave and allow the new chief exective director to next the commission at the next stage of its path ".

Chairman of the commission on gambling bill moys commented:

"On the name of the board, i would like to thenk the nile for his many years of commitentment and commission on gambling commission. During the time sport here, it was a lot to achieve a lot, and the nile may rightly be proud of the success of the organization during his stay as director general.

Commission on gambling in the near future will begin the selection of the executive director for the time period. This will allow the successor of the current chairman of bill moyes, whose term of office expires this year, appoint permanent general director. While process process continues, depeut general director of sarah gardner and chief operational director of sally salley jones will jointly become the acting director.

Source: official site of igor’s commission united kingdom

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