Domenico Tedesko Reminded That He Is Italian, And Appreciated The Boots

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April 21, 2022
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Moskovsky coach «spartak» domenico tedesko answered a number of intereresting questions during a press conference before the match with «ural». In particular, mentor «red-white» told about the chances of a number of players for entering the foundation, recalled his origin and appreciated the comfort of the boots.

Domenico Tedesko Reminded That He Is Italian, And Appreciated The Boots

Domenico tedesko i «spartacus» – positive soyuz

Be a coach «spartak» most, but more – responsibility. Probably no manager in the rfpl is not subjected to such pressure from fans and press. Theraefore, having accepted the decision to head «red-white», domenico tedesko stepped on a fascinating, but dangerous path in his career.

And it is worth noting that while he copes with it perfectly. A young specialist gave a common language with its wards, leadership and fans. This instantly reflected on the results of the club. More recently crisis «spartacus», the table that turned out to be at thenime, already climbed into the sixth place in the championship, defeated some of the contenders on the exit «gold» league and knocked out «rostov» from the cup.

About changes in tedesko, who liked the fans, we wrote in a separate material.

Sing the diffilams, of course, early, but you can already look with hope for the future. In this case, domenico brought openness to the style of communication with the press and gradually becomes a pet and journalists. So, at a recent press conference dedicated to the upcoming game with «ural» november 24, tedesco spoke about his attitude to cold, excessive emotionality and «dislike» to the story and guliyev.

According to the specialist, he is not afraid. As despite the fact that he was born in southern italy, he often visited the mountains. Besides «-6» (such a temperature, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, in yekaterinburg) is not such a critical indicator. Recalling your origin coach and answering the question of excessive emotionality, which has already led to several yellow cards from judges.

According to tedesko, each time before the game, he reminds himself that it is necessary to be restrained, but ultimately the emotions take the top. The manager claims that there is no theatrical content, but rather, italian roots take their own (domenico has italian and german citizenship, spent most of his life in germany).

Also mentor «red-white» discuss the accusations of dislike for players nikolai razzov and ayazu guliyev. According to him, he does not understand why journalists think so. He has already said many times that he likes these players, they will have a chance to show themselves, but now there are players more stable.

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