Dominic Tim – Novak Dzhokovic: Prospecting Against Experience In The Final Of Australian Open

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May 4, 2022
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Two tennis players from top-5 will meet in the final of australian open – dominic tim and novak djokovic. Both finalists are quite motivated to win, but for the austrian triumph in the tournament will mean a new career scale, and for serb – pleasant addition in biography.

Dominic Tim - Novak Dzhokovic: Prospecting against experience in the final of Australian Open

Jokovic – tim: how the finalists have passed the thorny path of australian open

In the men’s finals of the open championship of australia, the former first racket of the world novak djokovic and one of the most promising tennis players of the world dominic tim.

Their semifinals were tense and not easy, like all the way in the tournament. Both finalista – representatives of the top 5 atp rating, which are the personification of two epochs in tennis – great and experienced jokovic against unpredictable and strong tim.


32-year-old serb novak djokovic won 78 atr tournaments (and in the pair, and in single categories), became owner «career» big helmet.

In addition, it is worth noting the fact that novak – recordsman of the world tour atp on a variety of won trophies (big helmet and master).

At the current australian open, all the rounds of the tournament passed without much difficulties, including the semi-final game against roger federer. Serb defeated the swiss in three sets, finishing the match with the score 7: 6, 6: 4, 6: 3.

As for dominic tim, his path to the final was more alar. Already met worlfinals, austrian met world raphal nadal, defeating him with a score of 7: 6, 7: 6, 4: 6, 7: 6.

Dominic Tim

In a special article, we talked about the spectacular finals of the new atp cup tournament, in which rafa nadal and novak jokovic met.

In the semifinals, tim had to play with alexander zverev – another young promising tennis player. German recently added noticeably, so many expected to see him in the final.

However, tim has achieved success, pulling out the victory in the decisive tie break. The match ended with a score of 3: 6, 6: 4, 7: 6, 7: 6. Note that most of the dominic competitions were fournetic (three games), two were fitted three sets and one – five.

Before that, djokovic and tim met each other 10 times. In six matches won novak, and in four – dominic. Given the dominance of serb in the atr ranking in recent years, such an indicator for the young austrian is more thank. Tennis players never met in the final, but within the framework of semi-finals the second and fifth racket of the world opposed each other four times.

In our special material, we talked about the women’s final of the jsc, in which garbinj mugurus and sophia kenin will meet.

The current winner of the australian open championship is novak djokovic. For serba is a big motivation – protect the title, however, austrian no less strongly wants to win, because it will provide him with a fourth place in the ranking and the desirt trophy turnament of the grand slam.

Earlier, we we wrote about the judge in australia, which did not leave indifferent even federer.

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