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July 5, 2022
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$ 15.1 million for 6 months – the best brief description of the professional player in blackjack don johnson. He was forever remembered in atlantic city as one of the most successful hairrollers. Upgrading the card counting strategy, he actually "robbed" a casino, after which many establishments added a player in the blacklist.

Iavyone johnson
date of birth 1962
place of birth salem, oregon, usa
citizenship usa

Slept dreams

Done johnson’s childhood has passed in saylight, oregon. Being a little boy, he dreamed of becoming a jockey – fate turned out to be unalloneless to the young man. His growth began to increase rapidly. To the majority amounted to 185 cm. With such a physical parameters, he could not compete on equals with other jockers, whose height ranged from 147 cm to 168 cm.

He had to give up his dreams, but johnson did not want to leave the hippodrome. Instead, he employed on the track where he used to ride the ride. It opened him the road to the world of rates.

The first serious steps to the world of gambling

At 30, don johnson is offered to head philadelphia park, which in 2009 will grow to parx casino and racing. Now the failed athlete could not just watch the jumps as a worker, but also look behind the scenes.

Parx casino and racing – one of the largest entertainment complexes of philadelphia

In 2000, dong johnson uses the experience and knowledge gained to create its own heritage development. She is developing racking programs. The algorithm collects the results of all races in future competitions and compares the data of bookmakers for upcoming events. Thanks to this, the players found wuyan bets – bet on the overestimated coefficient.

Crisis – the best time to move capital

In 2008, not only brokers and banks were injured from the global crisis, buter companies. Noticeably began to fall the profit of all casino atlantic city. According to the press of atlantic city publication, for the entire 2009 income from slot machines decreased by 13.1%, to $ 2.7 billion, and from the desktops decreased by 13.5%, to $ 1.2 billion.

The drop in profits has already been observed for the third year in a row, so the financial crisis. Pennsylvania, which is located 80 miles, also began to attract players with gambling entertainment. Competition between the casino intensified, and to avoid bankruptcy, manageing by all the forces trid to keep hairrollers – one unsuccessful night "whale" could provide the future for the institution.

The game began before distributing

In 2010, dong johnson intended to use the unstable position of the industry to get an advantage in gambling. If the other was enough to offer the exclusive conditions of the janquet tour, then our hero was worried about dry numbers. Tony rodio, tropicano ceo, called johnson’s approach "cheap date". Instead of free, hotel and facilities, hairroller put forward the following conditions:

  • "Soft 17" for the player and always "hard 17" for the dealer. If johnson drops out a-6, he can take more cards, and distributing with such a hand will have to paste.
  • Cachebc 20%. On every lost $ 500 thousand casinos returns $ 100 thousand.
  • Separation of hands and doubling.
  • Game for six decks and manual shuffling cards.
  • Maximum rate – $ 100,000.

The established rules allowed to reduce the advantage of the casino to 0.26%. According to his skill, don johnson was not inferior to the famous edward torpa, so dealers had no opportinity to beat him.

Under similar conditions, the chances of winning were equal. At the same time, johnson risked 80 cents from each dollar supplied. If he loses $ 1 million, he will have to pay $ 800 thousand. Later, experts will express the opinion that thanks to the conditions for kesbekku johnson threw dust into the eye manager of the casino. He tried to show all the sight that he could lose a bunch of money, but in fact she walked to empty their cash regulations.

After the victory over the casino in atlantic city don johnson sport £ 170 thousand in the nightclub london

"Crusade" on atlantic city

For the unusual conditions put forward by don johnson, three casinos agreed: tropicano, borgata and caesars. Hairroller put in blackjack for 6 months. During this time, the total winnings amounted to $ 15.1 million. Behind his rates, dozens of viewers were observed together with local media, which were then retelling distributions in the brightest colors.

As the bank grows, the managers started increasingly nervous. If the player wins, he has no reason to stop. According to the rules, the casino may not pay money if the client caught on fraud. Trying to shoot johnson in the counting of cards, the experts of the hairroller. However, they agreed that it acts in fairly.

When in tropicano, don’s winnings reached $ 6 million, the manager canceled the terms of the transaction. Similarly, borgata and caesars were received, which were supposed to pay $ 5 million and $ 4 million. However, the last casino refused to serve johnson. According to rumors, in a couple of months, don returned to tropicano on the same conditions, but without kesbek – then he took a $ 2.1 million with him. After this incident in atlantic city, the became more careful to study the hairrollers who offered discounts to not be in a minus. Don johnson himself says the following:

"I think that for the first time in 30 years, the casino group really suffered a huge failure due to the only player. Stars agreed, and it was decided that it should be one guy ".

Distribution of $ 800 thouusand.

The best distribution passed after johnson had 2 eights. He immediately divided his hand and also received 2 more cards. 2 oight came to him again. So he had 4 hands for $ 100 thousand. Then, to each eight, the dealer passed the following cards by the player. Sequence: troika, two, troika and two. He decided to double every bet. So on the table turned out to be chips for $ 800 thouusand.

Don johnson did a bet on a dealer’s bust, which showed before 10. The player understood that deck is more older cards than young. So it turned out when the dealer turn came – he scored 25 points. According to the rules the map, if he has up to 17 points, even if the other participant has much less.

After came to the conclusion, some came to the conclusion that don johnson uses counting, but on a short distant. He does not think that there were 10 distributors back, relying mainly on the current situation.

Outside sight

Having received a fabulous state and great popularity among hairrollers, don johnson disappeared for a long time with media radars. He was satisfied with success, although himself in an early interview after the victory over the casino argued that his life did not change much.

Don johnson with pamela anderson

In fact, he began to hang out with various stars. According to rumors, in 2014 don paid a party to las vegas in honor of the birthday of pamela anderson. He also loves to travel. Managed to visit australia, great britain, in hawaii and other popular resorts. He no longer plays the cards in public, but makes an exception for hairrollers, ready to excite the round sum. It can be assumed that now don johnson is somewhere on the beach, drinking cool mojito.

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