Dooga Ltd, Protruding Under The Brand Of Cubits, Goes Into External Management

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January 31, 2023
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Dooga ltd, registered under the cubits brand, has moved to external management on december 10, 2018.

Dooga Ltd, Protruding Under the Brand of Cubits, Goes Into External Management

Managers assigned steve parker and trevor bignon from opus restructuring & insolvency. Dooga has become a victim of a serious crime committed outside the organization that dealt with critical consequences and as a result led to a difficult decision to transfer the company to external management.

This solution guarantees security for the current period of time, and managers are in finding offers for the company and its assets. The role of the managers will be to work with those who have debts to the company funds. The main task – achieve the best possible results for creditors and return the company as much as possible.

Steve parker gave his comment by this situation: «we collected a group of specialists from opus, who have a wealth of experience in affiliated with technologies, bankruptcy and forensic accounting expertise. Our goal – achieve the best result for creditors and do it as early as possible. Currently, dooga in complete safety, the investigation continues, and this week we whive write creditors an official letter».

The crime was committed in february 2018 and was associated with the accounts of three clients. Bitcins whose market value at that time was €29 million, were properly delivered and subsequently removed. Most likely, customers were collusion with fraudsters. Dooga never managed to get the equivalent in fiatny money from the operator of payments responsible for the transaction. As soon as dooga learned about the atrocity, the company of great britain, malta, china and germany, and also submitted sevel statements about the initiation of a criminal case.

Since febrary of this year, dooga has taken everything possille to return funds. However, until today, these attempts were in vain. As for other measures, the company dooga present two orders of the court on imposing arrest on the property of the maltese payments operator, the debt of which before rooga is approximately €35 million and opened arbitration. The greatest share of this amount is income through the aforementioned transactions of three account holders.

In connection with the nature of the case under consideration in its investigation, allyister manson will take part – technological partner in opus restructuring & insolvency, and nicholas parton – head of judicial accounting expertise in opus.

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