Doping Scandal In Russian Sport: Putin Said That Russia Should Play Under Its Flag

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April 25, 2022
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Many thought that the new doping scandal received its logical conclusion after yesterday’s wada solution. But the head of the russian federation doubted the objectivity and correctness of the agency’s decision. Looks like a trial ahead.

Doping Scandal in Russian Sport: Putin said that Russia should play under its flag

Who is to blame in the doping scandal – togo let and punish: putin commented on the wada decision

For those who do not particularly delve into the topic – the essence of the doping scandal is that in the metropolitan laboratory, which is subordinate to rusada, discovered the intentional substitution of a number of data on athletes.

As a result: local authorities do not receive conformity status from wada, and the country is deprived of the status of the national team. We told in more detail about this scandal in a separate material.

The russian national team will be able to speak only under the neutral flag, having passed a thorough check for doping in international laboratories. Local athletes will have to tolerate this four years.

Wada executive committee unanimously endorses four-year period of non-compliance for the russian anti-doping agency: https: // t.Co / k8qjaz7u4r

— wada (@wada_ama)
december 9, 2019

Russia reserves the right to submit an appeal, and, according to the president of the country, vladimir putin, the grounds for this have. The head of the russian federation declared that the decisions that were adopted by the committee on compliance and all parties involved in the decision of the wada, contradict the olympic charter.

Putin believes that if there are no complaints of the country to the olympic committee, it means that the national team should perform under the flag and with anthem. The president noted the fact that punishment should be distributed directly to the guilty persons.

punishment worth distributing directly to guilty

In our special material we figured out which particular restrictions of russia and local athletes will receive after the approval of the decision.

The snag is that the decision of the wada executive committee was adopted unanimously, which indicates a radical setting agency. But the head of the country does not exclude that in the process of proceedings, political aspects were more priority than the interests of sports.

Indeed, the russians may apply for 21 days, giving understanding that the country does not agree with the decision. In this case, the wada passes the case to the arbitration court, which reserves the right or confirm the decision, or to justify the russian side.

The general director of rusada ganus and his deputy panknotskaya already announced that the appeal would be accurately served. Cause – preserving the dignity of athletes.

It is worth noting that if cas approves a punishment, it will begin to act exactly from the moment of the decision of the court.

Previously, we wrote about rusada’s recommendations to dismiss all athletics coaches in the country.

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