Dota 2 Released Update 7.22f. What Changed?

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March 23, 2022
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Today, the developed the update 7.22f in dota 2, which is actively discussing lovers of this computer game.

Dota 2 HAS Released An Update 7.22F. What changed?

The main change concerns the cost of the recipe of aghanging: it was reduced by 200, to 1800. Also in the game a number of balance sheets. In particular, the functional features of a large number of characters are corrected.

For example, abaddon will now attack faster, and his armor will become even more durable. Brewmaster added intelligence, and tinker at certain levels were strengthened talents.

Total developers updated more than 45 heroes. Full list is posted on dota 2.

We we will remind, earlier, we reported that microsoft would cooperate with openai, which is an artificial intelligence developer for dota 2. In the plans – release new azure. According to preliminary information, project financing will be about $ 1 billion.

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