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August 15, 2022
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Already at the end of the month, the strongest teams of the world on dota 2 will be back to get closer to their dream – victory on the international 2022. From november to august 2022, teams will compete for places on the international 11, taking global lan-finals. What will be the schedule of dota pro circuit 2021/2022: teams, match format, tournament table. When majori and the international «dota 2» in 2022 – next in the material. Do not miss other fresh erect news.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 - Format, Schedule, Participants
Content: 1. Season format1.One. Mejor participants in dota 2 in 20222. Separation of glasses in dota pro circuit 2021/20222.One. Separation of prizes in dota pro circuit 2021/20223. Schedule of the season dpc 2021/20224. All participants of dota pro circuit 2022: teams.One. Schedule of the season of season 2021/2022 dota pro circuit4.2. Major on dota 2 in 2022

Dota pro circuit 2021/2022 – celebrating tournament on dota 2, in which the teams from one region are fighting for dpc glasses necessary to access major and the main tournament – the international.

In the first season, dpc 2021/2022 the cis will represent 16 teams. Dota 2 2021/2022 east europe league is organized in best-of-3 format. Dota 2 season includes two divisions – in each of which eight clubs. Three decent roster from the first division of eastern europe are held on the first major «dota 2» in 2022. Two favorite of the second division dpc 2021/2022 cis go to the first division to the second season of the league.

Officially, the dota pro circuit season 2021-2022 will begin on november 29, but division ii qualifying tournaments are held in advance to form a list of participants in the winter tour.

Format season

League will include three seasons and three major tournament. The first major will take place on february 17-27, the second – may 11-21, and the third – august 4-14. Accordingly, the international 11 is scheduled for autumn 2022.

Professional season in dota 2 provides for three stages. On each of them, the teams will fight opponents from their division in online format, and after the strongest of each region will fall on a large-scale lan-tournament with a prize fund of $ 500 thousand.

Innovation of this season: now the number of points received will depend on the stage. At the first stage of major, fewer points will be given than on the last – the same rule works for regional leagues. Valve made changes to the awards system for major. In the 2020/2021 season, 2100 points were played on majorah, and in the new season, dpc glasses are distributed in this way:

  • First major – 1900.
  • Second major – 2700.
  • Third major – 3500.

Mejor participants in dota 2 in 2022

How to distribute participants?

Mejor Participants in Dota 2 in 2022

  • Winners of the regional league fall into the playoffs of major;
  • Teams that have taken 2nd places of regional leagues – go to the group stage of major;
  • The 3rd position of europe, cis, china and asia – go to the wild-card stage;
  • Teams of europe and china, which took 4th place – go to the wild-card stage.

Indition to prize awards, for high positions in the regional leagues and on majoras, clubs will collect dota pro circuit rating points. 12 top cybersport compositions of the world according to the opportinity to season get the opportinity to play on international 11.

Separation of glasses in dota pro circuit 2021/2022

Stage / place

Regional league


I (november-january)

Ii (march-april)

Iii (june-july)




1st place







2nd place







3rd place







4th place



One hundred




5th place







6th place




7th place

One hundred



8th place

One hundred



Separation of prizes in dota pro circuit 2021/2022

As part of the regional league:

  • 1st place – $ 30,000 (participates in the playoffs of major)
  • 2nd place – $ 28,000 (participates in the group stage of major)
  • 3rd place – $ 27,000 (participates in wild-card, except northern and south america)
  • 4th place – $ 26,000 (china and europe take part in wild-card)
  • 5th place – $ 25,000
  • 6th place – $ 24,000
  • 7th place – $ 23,000 (dropping into the second division)
  • 8th place – $ 22,000 (dropping into the second division)

Within major:

  • 1st place – $ 200,000
  • 2nd place – $ 100,000
  • 3rd place – $ 75,000
  • 4th place – $ 50,000
  • 5-6th places – $ 25,000
  • 7-8 – $ 12,000

Schedule of the season dpc 2021/2022

Date of


November 29, 2021
january 23, 2022

Regional league (with a pause for winter holidays)

February 2022

First major

March 14, 2022
april 24, 2022

Second season of regional league

May 2022

Second major

June 6, 2022
july 17, 2022

Third regional league season

August 2022

Third major

September 2022

Qualification on the international 2022

Autumn 2022

The international 2022 (the place is not yet selected)

All participants dota pro circuit 2022: team formulations

All Participants Dota Pro Circuit 2022: Team Formulations

Each regional league is divided into two divisions – eight best teams compete for dpc glasses and exits to majori, and the other eight tries to get into the first division. After the end of each of three seasons, two teams are changed by divisions according to the results. So, 96 teams participate in the cybersport tournament. Since the transfer window is already closed, the compositions of all participants of all dpc leagues have already been formed.

Who will participate in the 1st round of the dpc season?

First division

  • Western europe: alliance, liquid, nigma, secret, tundra esports, og, team tickles, coolguys
  • Eastern europe: virtus.Pro, spirit, gambit, unique, puckchamp, navi, hellraisers, empire
  • China: aster, psg.Lgd, vici gaming, ig, ehome, phoenix gaming, lbzs, tbd
  • Yuva: t1, tnc, execration, fnatic, ob.Neon, omega, motvate.Trust gaming, smg
  • North america: quincy crew, eg, undying, 4 zoomers, simply toobased, black n yellow, d2 hustlers, arkosh gaming
  • South america: noping, beastcoast, thunder predator, infamous, hokori, sg esports, lava, spirits

Second division

  • Western europe: brame, into the breach, ghost frogs, team bald reborn, creepwave, no bounty hunter, tbd, tbd
  • Eastern europe: winstrike, fantastic five, nemiga, gambit-2, b8, tbd, tbd, tbd
  • China: royal never give up, sparking arrow gaming, aster.Aries, magma, cdec, xtreme gaming, tbd, tbd
  • Yuva: boom esports, lilgun, polaris esports, nigma galaxy sea, 496 gaming, army geniuses, tbd, tbd
  • North america: bumble bee’s, the cut, team dogchamp, felt, electronic boys, 5manmidas, tbd, tbd
  • South america: unknown, infinity, interitus, inverse, omega gaming, gorillaz-pride, tbd, tbd

Open qualifications champions (1st tour)

  • Western europe: 1st qualification – ivy, slot seekers, chillax. 2nd qualifications – tbd, tbd, tbd
  • Eastern europe: 1st qualification – tbd. 2nd qualifications – tbd, tbd
  • China: tbd, tbd
  • Yuva: 1st qualification – tbd. 2nd qualifications – tbd
  • North america: 1st qualifications – teletubbies, team magnus, black ice esports, legalize potm. 2nd qualifications – tbd, tbd, tbd
  • South america: 1st qualification – tbd, tbd. 2nd qualifications – tbd, tbd

Schedule games season 2021/2022 dota pro circuit

Schedule dpc league season 2021/2022 will be as followows:

  • The first tour will be held from november 29 to december 22 and from january 5 to 23.
  • The second round must go from march 14 to april 27.
  • The third tour is scheduled for such dates: june 6 – july 17th.

Valve published on its official website match schedule of the first tournament dota pro circuit 2021/2022 for all regions. In the cis championship «dota 2» start on decept team empire and as monaco gambit, which will be held at 17:00 (msk). After that, the ukrainian team natus vincere and puckchamp will play. The next day, it is planted to fight between team spirit and team unique. Virtus.Pro starts in the season on december 5, where oppose hellraisers.

Regional dpc competitions will be held in online mode on january 23. The cis will play three slots for the first major season, as well be distributed to clubs from both divisions.

Major on dota 2 in 2022


Next year, three global lan-tournaments with a prize fund of $ 50,000 will be held on the cybestal discipline dota 2. One are going to spend in february, the second – in may, and the third – in awgust. Location for conducting and other parts are are assumptions that the first tournament can take place in eastern europe. As in the early season, the compettion includes three stages. Wild-card will play 3-4 places of the strongest regional leagues. Six clubs will define two leaders in the round-robin system – everyone comes with each of the two cards and the rest will go home.

Aftert that, the two wild-card leading commands will reply with the second seats of each region. According to the results of the circular tournament, top-2 will go to the upper part of the playoff mesh together with the leaders of six regional leagues, and the 3-6th position of the group stage – in nizhnyh. Playoffs created by double-elimination. Eight of the best teams will receive financial promotion and ranking glasses.

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