Dota Underlords: Announced New Heroes

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April 13, 2022
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Studio, which have developed the game, announced the appearance of three new heroes. Changes will enter into force within a large-scale update. Participants in the strategy will be sven, shadow demon and bristleback.

Dota Underlords: Announced New Heroes

Information about this was published with the official online platform.

Previously, information was received about the emergence of new game alliances. So, users will be able to evaluate champions (champion), insects (insects), healers and bully (brute). The developer also said that the game diverse new heroes.

According to preliminary data, a patch with large-scale changes, also known to users as «big update», scheduled as a transition period in beta testing dota underlords to version 1.0.

Last large changes in dota underlords occurred at the beginning of the month. Then the studio introduced new items in the work of the alliance savages, adjusted the abilities of the viper and also influenced the balance of objects and some characters.

Recall that at the end of summer in dota underlords was launched a pair mode. The developer provided in the new configuration not only standard matches, but also ranking.

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