Dota Underlords: Viper And Dicks Alliance Changed

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April 11, 2022
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A number of changes from the developer were represented by dota underlords. So the company managed to correct some errors, change the balance among characters and some items, as well as to work out a re-alliance of savages and viper.

Dota Underlords: Viper and Dicks Alliance changed
Content: 1. Dota underlords: changes2. Dota underlords alliance savages: changes

Dota underlords: changes

One of the achievements of valve is that the company managed to eliminate the bag of excessive regenerative abilities of lycan, related to the transformation of a character into a wolf. Slardar was also subject to change: now the victims will not be able to become objects of a third-party attack, while under his attack. So the effect of dual exposure was eliminated.

Venomancer – another corrected ability. From now on, it can be amazed targets in the radius of five cells. At the same time, damage was changed, now it is 30/60/120.

Dota underlords viper became part of the scaly and dragon alliance. In addition, the additional ability of viper, nethertoxin, was also subject to correction. Thus, the hero is able to poison the cage, blocking its passive bonuses. The action has a duration of 5 seconds and recharge equal to the amount of time. Price – 50 mans.

Indition, innovations suggest that the player has the right to own only one big time contract.

Dota underlords alliance savages: changes

Dota underlords alliance sky – the effect of bleeding, distributed to enemyes, on new canons no longer be imposed. However, the developer has provided +4/8/15 to the damage from attacks. The last bonus is accrued for individual blows.

Recall that the august updates did not affect the popularity of dota 2.

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