Dov Allyn: “Cryptovalyuta Is A New Payment Method”

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November 24, 2022
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Cryptovaya is a rescue vest for asian affiliates, which are subect to repression from the government. Such an opinion voiced dov alllin from marketing cross media.

DOV ALLYN:'Cryptovalyuta is a new payment method'

«The government monitors payments from operators to affiliates, – allen reported. – a few months ago, the police came to one familiar affiliate. She tracked the payments he received from operators».

Allyn advised the operators to add cryptocurrency as an alternative payment agent.

«We are online marketing, and our affiliates are around the world. Get ready to pay your affiliates in different ways. And cryptocurrency is one of them», – he said.

New operators wishing to establish an effective management system, allin recommended to cooperate with external providers, since they are always informed and affiliates trust them.

Recall: inhabitants of iran brought $ 2.5 billion from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the country’s economy and other cryptocurrency in connection with the sanctions imposed by the government.

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