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April 18, 2022
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Dragon age 4: the latest news suggests that it is quite possible, the developer will demonstrate a small passage of the game on december 4.

Dragon Age 4: News Showing Games

News appeared in connection with the ten-year anniversary of the dragon age series. First origins came out a little more than 10 years ago.

The developer published a tweet in which hinted that in honor of the anniversary date players can learn something new about will dragon age 4 will be released.

Perhaps dragon age 4 news 2019 will touch the gearplay details. While it is known only that the ix hour is scheduled for december 4. It is on this date a grand party on the occasion of anniversary is scheduled. Bioware also added that it is happy to be part of the game world.

Experts suggest that teaser dragon age 4 2019 may be presented at a solemn event.

Dragon age 4: release date

At the moment, accurate information about when the game dragon age 4 will be released, no. Presumably, the new part will appear not earlier than spring 2022. However, the continuation of the project was announced immediately after the second part of the series is reledased.

Recall that the players doubted the honesty blizzard due to the insufficient volumes of the prize fund of the upcoming wow compettion.

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