Dudakov And Gleihengauz – Very Nice People: Mexican Said That Her Quotes Were Incorrectly Transferred

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July 26, 2022
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The situation with the master class dudakov and gleihengauza in mexico was finally resolved: the same figure skater, which told about the expulsion of children from training, refuted half of his quotes published in russia. Exclusive sports news already in the article.

Dudakov and Gleihengauz - Very Nice People: Mexican SAID THAT HER QUOTES WERE INCORRECTLY TRANSFERRED

Photo source: evgeny semenov, sport24

Sergey dudakov and daniel gleihengauz did not communicate roughly with mexican figure skaters

The journey of gleihengauza and dudakova in mexico came out from under control: russian specialists held in mexico city and a half weeks, working with local figure skaters, but instead of gratitude received condemning from colleagues. It happened because of the interviews of anna cecilia kant felix – mexican figure skater and one of the organizers of master classes. After 11-day cooperation with the coaches, tct felix went on an interview to tsl, where he told about many controversial things in sergey and daniel.

Part of the students immediately drew attention to the fact that mexican talked to dave liz not so long worked in russia due to its assumptions about the use of hormone blockers with domestic figure skaters.

In russia, quotes felix quotes from an interview quickly, where she told how dudakov with gleihangaus kicked out children from ice for the fact that the did not fulfill the requirements of coaches. Or how did daniel spent the whole workout in the phone, as it was annoyed and entrusted the occupation to his colleague. So bold behavior immediately attracted a lot of attention, and the quotes of figure skater from mexico were mounted throughout the internet.

But still, the faithful fans of tcts were right: not all the words felix – truth. More precisely, not all of her words were correctly interprete or filed in the right context. The mexican itself has previously written on its page in «instagram». According to her, in his interview for tsl, she tredi at ease and positively lead a conversation. The figure skater noted that the organization of the event was excellent, both coaches – very nice people: dudakov was mil, and gleihengauz is more focused at work.

As for concrete examples with exile from a rink and telephone, her words were incorrectly interpreted. Felix only answered specific questions concerning the behavior of skaters and coaches, focusing that none of them communicated with the wards in an inappropriate manner.

The figure skater called the incorrect translation of her words by the russian boulevard newspaper, also signature video in «youtube» was represented by her quote. Felix called on everyone to see her interview completely so that there were no non-stalking.

«For me it is unprofessional, because i herself always says as it was», – describes the situation of ana cecilia kant felix.

The Reason for the Broken Scandal The Figure Skater Called Incorrect Translation

Source: instagram.Com / cantufeelicks

Under its publication, you can find a comment by the famous figure skater megan duhamel, who supported the colleague and stressed that, it sems, the boulevard newspapers in russia are often doing.

Earlier we wrote, what kind of sport is popular in russia.

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