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July 6, 2022
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According to the study of australian analysts, the gambling industry of this country during a quarantine associated with a coronavirus infection pandemic, every day suffered a loss of 14.2 million dollars.

According to this indicator, australia ranked fifth in the world. Nevada’s american state, which is not surprising, headed the list – there is a gambling industry every day losing a record 46.2 million dollars.

The study affected fifty-eight directions worldwide with the highest income from the casino. As a result, it was estimated that on average twenty australian casinos, total lost $ 7,152 every 60 seconds.

The second and third place in the list was taken by japanese pacified salons (their daily losses reached a mark of $ 30.7 million) and singapore casino network ($ 27.5 million), respectively.

It should be noted that the australian igor sphere gradualy comes out of a steep peak. This is evidenced by statistics: residents in isolation continue to play online casino. So, in june they sport 62.7% on slots thane same period last year.

Republic of monasha charles livingston, engaged in analyzing the gambling sphere of australia, acknowledged than some types of entertainment really demonstrated the growth of profitability, despite global restrictions. First of all, he said, it affected online casino.

Recall that the loss of the recently educated giant of the giant industry caesars entertinment inc. In the first half of 2020 amounted to $ 1.17 billion.

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