During The Break Between Two Trips To Japan Zagitova Returned To Russia

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March 7, 2022
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Just a few days ago, a large-scale show fantasy on ice ended in japan, and alina zagitova was already seen in novogorsk, there is a olympic village there.

During The Break Between Two Trips to Japan Zagitova Returned to Russia

Photo source: blagoveshensk.Ru

3 weeks, 4 cities, 12 shows – it was just as long as the fantasy on ice ice show tour, in which six skaters from russia took immediately:

  • Evgeny medvedev;
  • Evgeny plushenko;
  • Elizabeth tuktamysheva;
  • Tatyana volosozhar;
  • Maxim trankov;
  • Alina zagitova.

About how the skaters sport each other time, you can read in our separate material.

This event was not quite ordinary ice show, where famous athletes simply ride their sports programs on fun public. Viewers of the show expected sevel surprises. First, part of the numbers skaters performed under living music. So already familiar «carmen» performance of the olympic champion alina zagitiot acquired new paints, and the athlete itself, not burden by competitive pressure, performed him much more expressive than usual.

This also applies to other athletes who even if familiar numbers showed, added the highlight to them, changed costumes or jumps. Indition, there were compleyly new collective rooms, as well as presentations. Bought tickets on the show were the first to see the exection of the number of the charge under the composition popular now singers billie ellish – bad guy.

There were very touching moments. For example, the two-time judzur hanu champion, for the first time after the injury, performed the fourth lutz, although it was previously the danger that he could never implement it. Read more about this in a special review.

But all the good comes to an end and still begins. Only part of the fans and the russian media wondered why zagitov is still not preparing for the new season, as the champion has already been in the olympic village in the moscow region. This became known thanks to the fan of the figure skater, which posted a joint photo with her in his instagram profile.

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Meets in training a star of figure skating!!!

Publication from madina yunusova (@ madina3021) 18 jun 2019 at 10:01 pdt

So fans cal be calm, at least the monch of alina will be in russia she is planned to participate in another ice show in japan called the ice. It will also not be limited to one city, and will be held in three places:

  • Osaka;
  • Niigata;
  • Nude.

Butt if you still worry about the form of an athlete, then review her cascade with fantasy on ice, who clearly gives to understand that it is all right and it is ready for the challenges of the new competitive season.

Earlier, we wrote that alina zagitova could easily change his profession.

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