Dynamo (Kyiv) Launches Cybembers

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September 8, 2022
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Fk «dynamo» the first among the sports clubs of ukraine, in particular football, opens a cyberfootpath. Press conference dedicated to this event will be held today, december 22, at 15:00 in the conference hall of the stadium «dynamo» them. In. Lobanovsky.

Dynamo (Kyiv) Launches Cybembers

«One of the most talented cyberfootball players of ukraine, who already has many titles in its all-service list and which would like to see in its composition many clubs of europe, will now act in the colors of kiev «dynamo». The dream of this young talented kievanian to show himself in big football did not come true, but now he can represent his favorite football club in cyberspace. His name will be represented by the public during a press conference, on which media representatives will be able to communicate with him, and learn more about the new initiative of our club», – reported the press service of the football club on the official website of kiev «dynamo».

Cybersport is a formal recognized sport in 22 countries of the world. In ukraine, this sport is not yet officially recognized, but thanks to the achievements of athletes, the country is included in the top 5 cybersport countries of the world, along with the united states, south korea, china and sweden.

In recent years, cybersport has entered the scope of many progressive football clubs in the world. Only this year, cybersport destinations opened such eminent european clubs as «manchester city» england), «paris saint-germain» (france), «valencia» (spain), «schalke 04» (germany), «ajax» (netherlands) and t. D.

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